Shri Arusuvai Nataraja Iyer's Sambhar Recipe

Indian traditional foods include lentils almost in all dishes, and lentils are the fundamental source of protein. For example, Sambhar is a South Indian stew prepared with mixed vegetables, Herbs, spices and lentils.

Arusuvai arasu natarajan recipes are renowned in Tamilnadu and are famous for their unique taste. Shri Arusuvai Natraja Iyer started his catering journey with small events,and his delectable recipes made him create a large catering kingdom. The creation of his Mighty catering Kingdom began in the year 1940, and he eventually started to earn fame through his quality food and mouth-watering flavours. Shri Arusuvai Natraja Iyer's idea of recipes is always praised throughout the Southern part of India.

Shri Arusuvai Natraja Iyer has served numerous celebrities, including the former President of India Shri V.V Giri, and he titled Shri Arusuvai Natraja Iyer as 'Arusuvai Arasu', which means the king of all the six tastes of the food world.

Shri Arusuvai Natraja Iyer's: Sambar recipe

A Traditional Sambar recipe is prepared by using two or more vegetables. The proper usage of Sambar Powder always enhances the taste of the Sambhar and makes it an excellent aromatic dish. It is healthy and nutritious as Sambhar is prepared using lentils, and also a mixture of vegetables containing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is completely packed in a cup of Sambar. Shri Arusuvai Natraja Iyer's classic Sambar can be served as a breakfast combo, with idli Sambar, plain dosa, Masala dosa, Medu vada,Ven Pongal, and with rice, the list goes on.

Lentils that can be added to the Sambhar

An authentic Sambar is made using Arhar dal (pigeon pea lentil) or tur dal. On occasions, you can use mung daal ( yellow mung lentils) or masoor dal(Orange lentils) also. You can also use the combination of tur dal and moong dal according to your preferences.

Vegetables that can be added

You can make Sambhar by mixing 2-3 vegetables from any of these: filed marrow, green beans, banana stem, bottle ground, Ivy ground, Snake ground, Yellow pumpkin, potatoes, brinjal, Tomato, Raddish, Pearl onions, Shallot onions, Ash ground, Drumstick, ladies finger.

Ingredients required

  • Tur dal - ½ (you can use any dal of your preference and taste)
  • Turmeric powder - ½ tsp
  • Water- 2 cups
  • Onion- ¼
  • Tomato-½ (chopped roughly)
  • Brinjal- 7 (pieces)
  • Drumstick pieces-10(pieces)
  • Carrot-½ ( chopped)
  •  Potato-½ ( chopped)
  • Tamarind- ½ (lemon sized)
  •  Green chilli- 2 Nos (slit)
  •  Jaggery/sugar - 1 tsp
  •  Salt as per the taste
  •  Sambar powder -2 tsp
  •  Coconut oil/any cooking oil you use- 1tbsp
  •  Curry leaves
  •  Mustard seeds -1tsp
  •  Urdu dal- ¾ tsp


  1. To start with, In a pressure cooker, add 1/2 cup of tur dal along with 2 cups of water. As the Tur Dal is cooking, add A Pinch of turmeric powder and let it cook up to 6 whistles.
  2. In a small bowl, add lemon-sized tamarind and add some water to soak it.
  3. Ensure that all the vegetables you will add to Sambhar are chopped finely and ready for cooking.
  4. Take out a Kadai and add the soaked tamarind water into it; add 1 tbsp of jaggery or sugar with 2 green chillies- slit and 2 pinches of turmeric powder.
  5. Now add all the chopped vegetables, potato, carrot, drumstick brinjal, tomato, onions into the tamarind water mixture in the Kadai.
  6. At the same time as the tur dal in the cooker is cooked, take out its Whistle and smash The Dal once the dal is cooked well.
  7. After 10 minutes, the vegetable in the tamarind water will be cooked, now, add the mashed dal into the vegetable mixture and let it cook till it boils.
  8. After 10 minutes, as the vegetables and the tur dal have cooked thoroughly, add 2 tsp of Shri Arusuvai Natraja Iyer's special- Sambar powder.
  9. Mix the sambar powder and the vegetable mixture and let it boil
  10. Meanwhile, heat the urad dal mustard seeds curry leaves in a separate Kadai and keep it ready to add the tempering to the freshly prepared sambar.
  11. Finally, add the tempering into the aromatic sambar and serve it hot.


The Recipes that Shri Arusuvai Natraja Iyer has left for his next generation and the reputation and the Fame that he has for his catering services will always stay in our heart and food flavours.

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