Checklist to Plan a Tamil Wedding Catering

A Tamil wedding ceremony is a magnificent display of the traditional and cultural heritage of Tamilnadu. As with any wedding, food served to the guests is an important part of the affair that needs to go well. The wedding caterers hired to look after the requirements of a wedding need to keep a checklist of things that need to be done to ensure the food catering at a Tamil wedding goes well. The checklist is as follows:

  • Discuss the Budget

The caterer needs to find out from bride and groom’s family who’s sponsoring the catering side of the wedding. The caterer then needs to discuss with the sponsor about the budget allocated for the food catering. 

  • How many mealtimes need to be planned?

There needs to be a discussion with the bride and groom’s families about how many mealtimes need to be catered. For example, they need to think about the Reception, the First meal after the wedding, and also about any other mealtimes that need to be catered to. 

  • How many guests are expected to arrive?

The caterer has to make note of how many guests are expected to come to the different ceremonies. There also has to be a buffer for the quantity of food prepared so that there isn’t any food shortage. It also needs to be under control so that there’s no overspending or food wastage happening. 

  • Discuss the menu

The menu for a Tamil wedding needs to follow the Tamil cuisine and cultural preferences, such as being a vegetarian menu, serving the food on banana leaves and above all, making the menu flow as smooth as possible.

  • Meal type

Discuss which type of meal needs to be planned for which mealtime. Tamil weddings usually opt for a sit-down type of meal for all mealtimes, though they have the option to go for a buffet type of meal too. Keep in mind the number of people, how the food being served can be eaten, the demographic of the guests – range of ages of the guests, gender, and cultural inclinations.

  • Meal Hall Arrangement

The caterer needs to look at the meal hall and plan how many people can be seated in the venue. This helps to know how many seats can be placed. It also needs to be decided if the seating arrangement needs to be in straight lines or grouped into round tables, etc.

  • Kitchen preparations

The utilities required in the kitchen need to be decided. The utilities needed are cooking equipment, cooking utensils, banana leaves, storage utensils for cooked food and storage boxes and refrigerators to store fresh ingredients until they’re ready to be cooked. The kitchen needs to be arranged in a way that food can be sent out hot to the guests without much delay.

  • Staff arrangements

The caterer should make sure there is enough staff to do everything needed. There shouldn’t be too many staff at the same time working as that is waste of manpower. There should be enough people working in the kitchen, on the ground and in the meal hall, people for cleaning the tables after a batch of people have eaten. There also needs to be a few supervisors to look after the overall arrangements.

  • Quality Check

Everything and everyone involved in the catering should be kept in check to maintain good quality. This involves quality check of fresh produce, ingredients, hygiene maintenance, cleanliness of kitchen, staff health check, etc. This needs to be done repeatedly to make sure the quality of food leaving the kitchen stays excellent.

  • Reviewing

The guests need to be reviewed about the food taste and quality. This can be done at times in the middle of the meal and after the meal. It can also be done after the guest has tried out a particular dish. The reviewing is also done for the bride, groom, their families, and the sponsors of the catering. Making sure that people end the meal happily is of utmost importance to a catering service.

A catering done for a Tamil wedding needs to be clear planning and execution. This clarity should be shown through and through. Values of tradition and cultural significance need to be upheld. Make sure that the service done is reaching the expectations of the bride and groom families. Building a good relationship with such a wedding family can help acquire future clients by word-of-mouth referrals, reviews online and testimonials. 

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